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January 2, 2009, at just 44 years of age, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

May 22, 2009, I was diagnosed as “Cancer Free” without surgery, radiation, and standard chemotherapy.  Now, more than five years later, I’ve remained “Cancer Free” and in great health!

This is my journey, daily entries as I went through cancer treatments at a German cancer clinic.  If you ever thought about getting treatments overseas, this is a must read.  You’ll discover the “ins and outs”, first hand, of what it’s like staying in a clinic, in a foreign country, battling a very scary disease

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I have been a Registered Nurse (RN) for over 25 years and work as a healthcare educator for a major hospital system in central Florida. I have always exercised regularly, eaten healthy (mostly organic foods) and had annual mammograms.

Just before Thanksgiving, 2008, I discovered a lump under my arm. It turned out to be a swollen lymph node and had it removed in Dec. for testing. On Jan. 2, 2009, with my husband by my side, we were told that breast cancer cells were found in the removed lymph node. This came to us as an absolute shock as I was only 44 and in very good physical shape.

From the beginning, both my husband and I were against the concept of radiation and chemotherapy. We both have lost parents and relatives to cancer. They all followed the traditional route of surgery, radiation and chemo.

We feel that the radiation and chemo treatments heavily damage the body’s ability to fight off cancer, especially if it were to reoccur in the future. It also seems that if the cancer does come back, it is very chemo resistant and comes back with a vengeance. This is what happened to our loved ones.

Our experience, along with my medical knowledge, led us to look for alternatives to traditional treatment protocols practiced here in the USA.

Through hours upon hours of research and prayer, I made the decision to seek treatment from Dr. Alexander Herzog’s specialty cancer clinic in Germany. Fortunately, I found a local physician who was willing to work with the German clinic to coordinate my continued therapy upon our return.

Why Did We Seek Treatment In Germany?
The first question we always get is “Why Germany?“. The cancer treatment philosophy in Germany is very different then the philosophy in the US. I compare it to treating the whole forest instead of just the tree. The traditional view of cancer in the US is that the cancer (the tree) is the disease and the focus is on killing the cancer to cure the patient.

Whereas the German view is that the cancer is a symptom of a greater problem within the patient’s body (the forest). This view not only focus on killing the cancer, but also includes treating the body, through various therapies and maintenance programs, so it can help prevent cancer from coming back.

In other words, the patient is not really cured until the body is in a condition to be able to fight off any future cancer reoccurrences. After all, the typical healthy body is killing cancer cells that develop in it every day. That’s right, your body is killing cancer cells every day! When your body for whatever reason can’t kill as many cancer cells as are being created, you are on your way to developing a cancer tumor.

Another reason we chose Germany is because there are several therapies and medications, such as hyperthermia and Iscador, that are in clinical trials in the US (unavailable to me) but are standard treatment protocols in Germany.

I have written my story, now available in a fun, easy to read format, which also explains each treatment I received and why I was receiving it. It’s written from a patient’s viewpoint so that anyone can understand the information, as well as appreciate the journey.  Please follow the link to order your copy of A Healthy Approach – German Cancer Clinic..
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A Bright Future.
My husband and I believe that everyone faces trials in life. Sometimes the trial may seem bigger than life, bigger than we can handle. However, with God on your side, there is nothing that can not be overcome.  This site is dedicated to bringing you information on healthy approaches to keep you not only cancer free, but illness free.

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