Enzymes: Extremely Important Supplements For A Healthy Approach

PacManEnzyme1There is an under-used supplement that is readily available and does amazing things inside our body.What I’m referring to are enzymes. Enzymes are substances made by the pancreas, and present in many foods we eat, to assist the body in a couple of ways. However, as we age, our bodies make less enzymes. In addition, when we eat cooked foods, we require much more enzymes than with raw foods, as cooking destroys most of the food’s enzymes. So, as we age and continue to eat lots of cooked foods, the need for taking enzymes increases dramatically. There are two types of enzymes I would like to focus on, enzymes that work inside the gastrointestinal tract (primarily digesting food) and ones that work outside (working on substances besides food).


Inside the Gastrointestinal Tract
As we age, our pancreas makes less enzymes therefore causing less nutrients as well as other supplements to be absorbed and useful to our body. Over the long term, deficiencies caused by not absorbing these nutrients contributes to a long list of chronic diseases, including cancer. The reason raw food diets are so healthy is that when food is eaten raw, the food’s own enzymes are left intact which helps digest what we just ate and lessens the burden on our pancreas. Over time, if the pancreas works too hard, it loses its ability to continue pumping out enough enzymes to fully digest all our food. In addition, eating too often causes less enzymes to be secreted for big meals because each time we eat, even a small amount of food, enzymes from our pancreas are used up, leaving less available for the next time we eat. The pancreas needs to rest and replenish the enzyme pool to get ready for the next meal. This is one of the problems with “grazing” throughout the day. If you do graze, then you shouldn’t eat a big meal since you would not have the enzymes available to digest it. My supplement routine includes digestive enzymes.  When taken with meals, especially cooked foods, they assist the pancreas in breaking down foods into a digestible, usable and absorbable form so the body can readily transport the nutrients into the cells.


Outside the Gastrointestinal Tract
The second type of enzymes, called proteolytic enzymes, have a totally different function. Proteolytic enzymes are also made by the pancreas and can also be taken as a supplement on an empty stomach 30 – 45 minutes before eating anything. They are called proteolytic enzymes because they help break down proteins that are involved with viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. Taken this way, without food, the enzymes are free to enter our blood stream and do their work outside of the digestive tract. There, they have the ability to eat away, like a “Pacman”, at viruses and bacteria, as well as break down the protective coating made by cancer cells which makes them invisible to the immune system. In other words, proteolytic enzymes have the ability to make the cancer cells “visible” to the immune system, thereby rendering them a “sitting duck” to the wrath of the good killer cells.


This brings up another reason to include lots of raw foods in our diet. With a diet high in raw foods, the proteolytic enzymes made by our pancreas are in abundance since they were not forced to be used up as digestive enzymes for the cooked foods. Now we have extra enzymes which can then leave the digestive tract and go out into the rest of our body to do their “clean-up” work. This is part of detoxing. However this scenario rarely happens with our Standard American Diet of cooked and processed foods, and the constant availability to snacking. So, I have found for myself and my family, that adding proteolytic enzymes are of great importance for improving and maintaining good health.


Proteolytic Enzymes At Work! (Testimony)
My sister called me recently about a severe congested cough she had for a month. I suggested it was a bad sinus infection so she went to the doctor who confirmed and gave her antibiotics. My sister is a Medical Technologist Supervisor who is aware of the dangers of antibiotics and the imbalance they can cause in the body. She had already tried the usual, vitamin C, no sugar, good diet, lots of fluids, OTC meds, but it wasn’t enough. She did not want to take the antibiotics, so we came up with a plan to fight the month-old sinus infection without them. The plan was to add six ‘’”Wobenzym N” tablets (proteolytic enzyme), twice daily on an empty stomach (she actually forgot to take them half the time), along with the treatments she had been using already, which were, ionic silver nasal spray she got at her local health food store, using her Neti Pot for nasal flushing twice per day, again she forgot to do this half the time, and Mucinex and nasal spray to assist with flushing the congestion out of the sinuses. Amazing things happened and within 3 days, her sinuses were clear, she was not coughing, and felt better than she had in a month, feeling totally well of the imbedded sinus infection. I insisted she continue the treatments for another week since sinus infections are typically difficult to treat usually requiring 1 – 3 rounds of antibiotics and sometimes steroids. Now, here we are 2 months later and she’s still feeling great with no sign of any sinus problems. All this without any antibiotics or steroids. What a great testimony for proteolytic enzymes and natural medicine!


Laura RN

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