Make Exercising Fast, Fun, and Convenient

brain-scanExercise tends to be placed on the “back burner” for most people, whether you’re  extremely overworked and just “too busy to exercise”, or just can’t find the motivation, it seems there’s always something that needs to be done instead, always! I speak from experience!


You know you should be doing it and plan on starting “one day” but that day never comes, and when it does, it’s fleeting and doesn’t become a regular habit.


Why do I need to Exercise?


There are many benefits and here are some of the important ones


  • Exercisers report more motivation and better time management for their day
  • Weight loss – burns calories and increases metabolism for several hours after exercise
  • Tones and strengthens muscles – can prevent common injuries due to weakness and makes one look great!
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Enables deeper sleep
  • Desire to eat better
  • Blood sugar control – helps prevent diabetes and better blood sugar control of those with diabetes. Exercise helps burn off excess sugar in the blood as well as decreasing insulin resistance, the cause of type 2 diabetes.
  • Increased confidence and posture
  • Ability to think more clearly due to increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain (see picture)


Where do I start?


First and foremost, don’t think too hard about exercising. You’ll end up talking yourself right out of it.


Set your clothes and shoes out the day before


Right before you start, drink half a glass of water – a moving body needs hydration.


Head out the door with a watch or phone, walk as fast as you’re comfortable with, and don’t go back home for 20 minutes.


Listen to music if you get bored. Those who listen to music tend to exercise longer and enjoy it more. Some like the relaxing quietude of whatever sounds are around them.


Ask a friend to join you – it’s more fun and goes by faster


When you’re at the store, pick up a 10 dollar exercise DVD – dance, yoga, pilates, aerobics, and set it up the night before with your clothes nearby. It’s fun to try something different.


Don’t forget to actually open the DVD and turn it on. If you don’t like it, try it at least 2 times. You may like it better at a later time.


Buy another DVD, one every week if you need to. Most gyms are more than 40 dollars a month to exercise. Keeping it fun in interesting is key!


I’ll never get a body like that so why bother?
Don’t be discouraged by those you see “going all out” with their routine. That’s not necessary to get the above benefits.


Every person is different – only compete with yourself


Moderation is important to keep injuries from occurring and prevent burning out and quitting.


Health is THE most important reason for exercising. Not overdoing your exercise ensures you will enjoy it and reap the benefits of feeling great and energetic.


So, before I find something else to do right now, I’m heading out on my bike for a fast yet relaxing ride! That’s one of my approaches to a healthy day.


Laura RN

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