Water Purifier…the best! and cheapest!

<a>My husband, Chuck, heard someone talking about our water filter on the radio yesterday. How with the possible radiation risk everyone should have their “Berkey” water filter. That was great to hear, since we just got one. It’s working out great. I keep it on the porch and the kids love going out there getting water too. I fill up a smaller pitcher to keep inside and just refill the top of the Berkey with the hose outside.

Here is a better site than we got our from because you can have a choice of getting 3 free sport bottles instead of 2 like we got. They are 28 bucks each otherwise, if you buy them. It’s a good idea to buy the extra 2 black filters for 99.00 a pair so your water will go thru much quicker for when you want it now. Also with 4 filters, they will last 12,000 gallons. Each filter lasts 3000 gallons. Or if you have fluoride in your water, there is a special filter for doing fluoride and arsenic. We didn’t get those as our water does not have fluoride or arsenic. Shipping is free at least. The water tastes awesome too.

This water can be taken from any source and turned into drinkable water, and in large quantities to sustain a whole family. Even a retention pond or swamp.

Berkey Light

We have it in case there were to be an issue with the public water supply, whether terrorism, radiation, EMP or a solar flare cutting off electricity at the treatment plant. Have to have water to survive and besides, we use it everyday as an optimal source of purified clean water.

I’ve calculated the price if you were to buy gallons of purified water over the life of the filters in a Berkey. For less money up front you can just wait to get the extra 2 filters so the total price is 200 instead of 300. Then your water would cost more per gallon…Wow, this is way better than I thought! It’s a whopping 2 and a half cents per gallon and with only 2 filters it would be 5 cents a gallon! That’s amazing. Water that’s purified so thoroughly, leaving only the healthy minerals behind.

Laura RN

PS: No I don’t work for them, I just want “my people” to be taken care of.  Please pass this along as I can’t get it to everyone.

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